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Big up you for watching my video fam! Doing my first loan on EthLend! ill be making a new video on the udated EthLend website soon! ? Hope you learnt something new? ALSO HIT THE BELL!?
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BTC: 3DJRqbwrQ68J7RUiiYhCbtLHgwr2MBSUFd

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ETC: 0xA9dbbB3Ff68c93664360FeAf51F011d4842EaE6A

IPBC: bxdX4yGj5JrWnRCenxFmLXhqXHQr9MWuR7TX63WNBixx2kZoa1sFMWMHPpHA3joG7uVbxuUEtM8U9AUhWvXt4Dxp2fj7ieMMJ

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