Discover the New Hublot Website | HUBLOT

The new website contains several new features, including :

-A complete 360° tour of the Hublot manufacture. This has never been done by a watch manufacture before. Visitors can now take a virtual tour of the workshops simply by moving their mouse, while Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot, or Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, presents and explains the expertise of the department concerned. All of the manufacture's workshops are included in the tour. A complete voyage of discovery through the world of watch production. And finally, as a visitor to Switzerland you can see how and where they are made.

-each boutique has its own specific website. There are currently more than 40. Enter the boutique of your choice by turning your mouse 360° (roll-out to be completed by the end of the year), meet the manager or one of the sales staff and communicate with him or her, find out the latest local news for each boutique, its events, special editions, and get the address and floor plan sent to your mobile... It sounds simple, but these are firsts for the industry.

Finally, instructional videos on watch maintenance, a comparison tool and a model suggestion tool based on your preferences while browsing, as well as the option to create a personalised profile directly on the site: your watches, your boutiques... these are the main new features Hublot added to the more traditional functions.

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