Versace Backstage ft Sebastian Sauve - Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring 2012 | FashionTV - MILAN - The top models that make up Versace are getting ready for the Spring/Summer 2012 show backstage and FashionTv has a sneak peek. We're introduced to the Versace men downstairs in the basement where they're getting coiffed. Sebastian Sauve takes the FTV microphone and tells us all about the stellar beauty treatments all the men have to go through. While vacationing in Portugal, Sebastian saw himself on screen as he watched FTV when it was playing on all the big screens at the bar he was frequenting during his trip. Later, we watch the men digitally engaging in their down time. Top model Francis Lachowski gets his hair blow-dryed and curled into a cool, European updo. It's very Italian, if we do say so ourselves, and very "done," says hairstylist Paul. Donatella Versace herself poses with VIPs at her shows like Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl and Darren Criss from Glee.

Appearences: Sebastian Sauve (Model), Mike Spadino (Model), Francisco Lachowski (Model), Paul (Hairstylist), Jarrid Bernier (Model), Chace Crawford (Actor), Darren Criss (Actor), Donatella Versace (Designer)

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