Versace Spring Summer 2018 Men's Fashion Show - Meet at My Place

"It is so emotional for me to be back here in via Gesù. I’m back home. And I’m gonna do my men’s show on Saturday in this courtyard.

This is the building where everything started. Me and my brother Gianni, we did so many shows here together. And all of a sudden all the memories come back to me- the joys, the drama, the fights. And believe me there was a lot of drama here. But also the creativity and the genius of Gianni, and the happiness. To be with such an icon for the rest of the world.. but for me, to work with my brother.

I decided in past years to leave this place and go somewhere else because that made me feel I was my own person… but then I realized… I am my own person here. This is my life. This is a story of a family, this is a story of this brand, of the house of Versace.

And being back home, being so intimate during this next show is exactly what I want." Donatella Versace

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