Versus Versace Spring Summer 2018 - Advertising Campaign


Versus rides through Los Angeles with a street cast of local Cali-Venetians for the Spring Summer 2018 advertising campaign.
Called “Sub Versus 2”, this is follow-on from the “Sub Versus” campaign of FW17, and is a quest to show the authenticity of a new generation of youth. A generation of cultural innovators who thrive on diversity through their music, their art, their local community, who are found claiming it at the skate park, the beach or the boardwalk.
This is a cast that reaffirms the rise of personality and anti-conformity through a road trip - where individuality is beautiful, and inclusivity is everything. Never doubting their style, the cast posts up at the spots in LA where there’s no such thing as judgement and racism, and there is no norm. Just fun vibes and the freedom to be part of the chaos.

MEET THE CREW creating the culture of their city:

Olan Prenatt takes to the skate park, where he feels at home.
Musician Lindsey Shreds finds himself in beats that aren’t afraid to stray from the norm.
Visual artist, Ama Elsesser finds hope in her passions.
Models Hayley Ashton and Lilya Reid are not afraid to live for today.
Model and car enthusiast, TJ lives for spontaneity together in the LA scene together with models Marley Camacho and Dagsen.
Actress and Venice beach native Fig Adben is inspired by her hometown.

Shot by photographer Ben Stills, the Versus Spring Summer 2018 campaign blends the playful energy of Versus with the distinctive street subcultures of LA. A raw representation of what it means to be wild, free and brave enough to push every boundary. The campaign soundtrack by LA artist Def Sound, plays to the beat of the Californian lifestyle.
“This group of young minds in Los Angeles really tells the story of what the Versus sub-culture stands for: attitude, defiance, and the real issues of a new creative generation” –Donatella VersacePhotographer: Ben Toms
Art Director: Jamie Andrew Reid
Stylist: Robbie Spencer
Makeup: Benjamin Puckey
Hair: Tina Outen
Casting Director: Noah Shelley at AM Casting
Music: Def Sound

Female Talents:
Ama Elsesser
Fig Abner
Hayley Ashton
Lilliya Reid

Male Talents:
Olan Prenatt
Lindsey Shrederley
Marley Camacho
Dagsen Love
TJ Robinson

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